Telewar on Obesity (TWO)

Designed for an Independent Research and Development (IRaD) Project

2013      Draper Labs

The TeleWar on Obesity project at Draper Laboratory aims to combine a handful of Draper's fields of expertise: guidance, navigation and control (GNC); artificial intelligence; and human centered engineering.

The system aims to positively affect the lives of overweight patients by providing them with a system that holds them accountable yet encourages positive behavior. The system hopes to address obesity's complex set of causes that includes peers, nutritional values, and brain signaling.

The current prototype involves a smartphone paired with a Draper-designed navigation device that can operate without access to GPS signals, inside buildings. The system tracks the movements and activities of the participant and offers helpful feedback and advice throughout the day.

The program hopes to build upon this system to expand into methods for affective-computing and trust-building networks that can truly aid patients in their long-term behavioral revival. The current design is a proof of concept, and not the final product to be used by patients. I worked on the entire smartphone application: from UI design to connection to the GPS denied device through bluetooth LE.