Kinect Kayaking

Designed for Physically Active Elderly

2014      GA Tech


Liza George       Varsha Jagdale       Lisa Li


“Kinect Kayaking” is an exercise-game designed to help senior citizens to stay active. The player controls a virtual kayak through arm gestures. The main goal is to motivate senior citizens by incorporating the fun of video game with physical exercise. The target users are above 65 in age, with limited mobility, impaired vision and/or hearing and limited experience with video games.

Players use arm gestures to “control” the avatar’s movement in the video game. We prototyped the game using Unity, Maya, C Sharp and Javascript. We conducted user evaluations of the prototype with the help of a retirement community. We used the facility’s equipment and space to conduct the session. Almost all the users enjoyed playing the game with 7 out of the 11 participants rating the game as very enjoyable.