Designed for Information Visualization Course

2014      GA Tech


Alex Endert (Professor)       Aishwarya Rajagopal       Arjun Srinivasan       Divya Vijayaraghavan


The complete genome of the largest living fish, the Whale Shark, has been sequenced by the genetics researchers at the Emory Research Institute and the Georgia Aquarium Research Center. These researchers are currently not able showcase their research to the visitors at the Aquarium in an engaging manner. This genetics research team, led by Dr. Alistar Dove, would benefit from a visualization tool that showcases their work to the general public.

GeneDive supports the exploration of a much smaller subset of an organism's genetic blueprint: the mitochondrial genome. Due to their genetic length, the mitochondrial genomes for the Whale Shark and other Georgia Aquarium species are well understood. We wanted to showcase a dataset that would help users compare and contrast the genetic make-ups of differing species, but also be manageable to understand.